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Adore Designs is a brand of distinctive, handmade wearable art fashions created from Beacon's iconic Southwestern blankets. We connect you with apparel that brings you joy, expresses your creativity, and gives you a story to tell. The Adore lifestyle is influenced by the stunning design artistry of the Native American Beacon Blanket. Each unique design is paired with the vivid colors and vibrant essence of Beacon's beloved textiles. The fabric of each unforgettable garment is woven into the historic tapestry of a great American brand and its storied past, giving it a second life, and merging the past with the present.

Artisan DeeAnn Carpenter established her custom clothing brand with the notion of transforming Native American designed vintage Beacon Blankets - circa 1920-1950 - into exclusive, museum-quality outerwear. With a distinctive cutting technique, DeeAnn expertly captures and preserves the color schemes, patterns, and pictorial designs from the blankets and turns them into exquisite garments that stand out from any other apparel on the market.


Owning an Adore Designs original means you are free-spirited and you own it. You are sophisticated in culture, art, and travel. You seek adventure and creative encounters. You are inner-directed and trust your instincts, beliefs, and acknowledge your shortcomings. You crave the uncommon and you value authenticity. You are looking for something truly exceptional. 


The American Beacon Collection

adore design

The Halyn 

Meaning: "Unique and Special, Like No Other"

~ Crossover Vest Jacket with Stand Up Collar ~


The Halyn is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Perfect for travel, it is warm and cozy while staying lightweight and compact. It strikes a flawless balance between sophistication and comfort.  Just wait - this will soon become the most favorite thing in your closet!

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The Ayita

Meaning: "First to Dance"

~ Pullover Vest Jacket with Stand Up Collar ~


In my youth, I was always the first one on and last one off the dance floor. The Ayita will make you want to boogie with its vibrant colors and joyful geometric patterns. The collar is designed so you can wear it up on those cold windy days, or cuff it down for a different look. You can't help but smile when putting on this favorite!

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The 2021 collection brings together the past and the present in an interwoven tapestry of artistry and fashion. Each piece carries with it a Native American name that speaks to the essence of the design, in honor of the Native American designers that created the iconic Beacon masterpieces. 

Beacon Blankets was founded in 1904, and by the 1920's was the largest blanket manufacturer under one roof in the United States. The legacy of the company traced through nearly a century of American experience, until it finally closed its doors in 2002. Beacon's legendary blanket designs are diligently sought after by collectors today, because they represent a nearly lost chapter in American textile history.


In 2013, Beacon Linens, lead by former Beacon Blankets President Tedd Smith, opened its doors online seeking to revive the great American brand. Some things are hard to improve on, but modern manufacturing techniques are allowing Beacon Linens to re-create some of the classic Beacon designs. These reproduction blankets are a blend of 60% cotton, 30% acrylic and 10% poly, that provide the comfort of cotton and the warmth of acrylic that is absolutely divine. The colors available are incredible, both in bright colors and soft tones.


Our brand is now able to offer this collection of apparel in a variety of styles and sizes, unlike apparel made in the Vintage Beacon Collection which are “one of a kind” pieces.  We are excited for this new direction to offer The American Beacon Collection to retailers and wholesalers.


Here are a few our of newest designs, and our sketch book has 4 other new designs in the works to be launched this fall! Peruse this collection, and enjoy!

adore design
The Catori

The Catori

Meaning: "Spirit"

~ Pullover Hooded Vest Jacket ~

Designed with the free spirited in mind, the Catori is a vivacious and vivid celebration of beauty. It is perfect for the ski slopes or for easy styling when on the go, and its trusty hood is always there for you. The Catori will soon become your best partner in crime when creating your happiest moments and memories. 

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The Hurit

Meaning: "Beautiful"

~ Hooded Jacket Crossover ~

Wearing the Hurit feels like you are being hugged by your favorite blanket. You will never want to take it off! With plenty of room, styled and cut for a loose fit, this jacket provides the ultimate in comfort and luxury. And the oversized cozy hood is just the cherry on top.

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The hurit
 Luxurious design

The J-Dee Bathrobe

Unisex Bathrobe

An ode to Beacon's original bathrobe fabric, first released in the 1920s, the J-Dee bathrobe is the pure epitome of unforgettable style and luxurious comfort.

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The Dyani Coat

Meaning: "Deer"

To the Native American tribes, the deer symbolized power, sensitivity, intuition, and femininity personified. The Dyani coat embodies these qualities with grace and sophistication. Own your power with this iconic statement of style and creativity. 

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dyani coat

Beacon Blankets

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Our customers are the best in the world

"DeeAnn takes a beautiful Beacon blanket and uses her knowledge, skills and artistry to create wonderful wardrobe items. I purchased a cowl cuffelette at her booth at a festival in my town of Indian Lake, NY and enjoy wearing it so much that I ordered a custom made hat, headband and now a snazzy Sally West vest. 
I receive many compliments while wearing her specialties and she is energetic, supportive and very helpful during the steps from beginning to end of creating a unique garment that is one of a kind personally yours. I am hooked and passionate about wanting to expand my collection."

- Martha Merchant, Indian Lake NY


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