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American Adore Collection

Coats & Jackets & Wraps & Vests & Bathrobes

     Luxury that stands out!  You will love our Native American inspired Beacon textile.  Lightweight outerwear apparel, you can hardly feel you are wearing anything! Soft and cozy warm!  Don't be surprised when people are staring at you, they want to touch our Beacon textile!  They will ask you what is this, and you say "It's Beacon, I just adore-it!"Our Beacon textile is a woven 60 cotton / 30 acrylic / 10 poly. We advise dry cleaning, and do not use iron.

Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends since 1904,


Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you become one of our friends too!

DeeAnn Carpenter.

Bitty Beacon Poncho.jpg
Olivia Beacon Poncho  orange grey Front.jpg
Beacon Ladies of Mankato MN thumbs up.JPG
Vivienne Vest and Hat - Nomad Plaid Red 1a.jpg
IMG_3729 cropped.jpg
Vivienne Apaloosa Vest - Apple Hat Shilah antique fire truck.jpg
Vivienne 2017 Beacon Sherpa Vest with Grandma.jpg
Childrens Bathrobe.JPG
Awinita Jacket.JPG
Amadahy Wrap.JPG
Throw Collection 7 pic 17A (1).jpg
Hat and beacon on swing.JPG
Amadahy Wrap .jpg
Windriver Throw Blanket.png
Aponi Long Vest.JPG
Catori Coat 1.JPG
Aponi Crossover Nomad Plaid Belted
Awinita Jacket Front - Johannah Beacon.jpg
Colage Customer Collage BA groups.jpg
Collage Group C3.jpg
Collage of Customers group 1A.jpg
Adore Designs Border .jpg
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