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Beacon Blanket?


The Vintage Adore

A collection of re-purposed cotton vintage Beacon textiles, resulting in true "One Of A Kind" wearable art fashions. 

Each of these garments is an iconic piece of artwork in itself. These custom creations start as vintage Beacon Blankets, and are hand sewn into breathtaking styles. With our custom design services, we can tailor make a one of a kind garment to fit your exact specifications. Choose from our current selection of vintage blankets, or purchase your own blanket and we will custom make the garment to fit you perfectly. Browse our portfolio of recent creations and let it inspire you to dream up your very own Adore Designs original.

We look forward to co-creating with you!

Don't Leave a Beautiful Blanket on the Shlef

Before                           After

Vintage Blue Indian Chief Border.jpg
Vintage Chief Capelette  With your favorite hat front.jpg

Before                          After

Vintage 20200419_075337.jpg
Vintage Aiyana Poncho Front Pink Ombre Plaid.jpg

Before                           After

Vintage Frank Matching Front to perfection.jpg
Vintage Frank Bennett Beacon Coat from his own collection. Arlington VA 2017.jpg


One way to give a Vintage Item a new life is to repurpose it.

We live in a world where repurposing, reusing, reinventing

and restoring is commonplace 

Send me your Beacon Blanket and I will turn your Vintage treasure into a beautiful new garment

So many of my clients already have a Beacon Blanket they love

"Vintage Cotton Beacon Clothing Collection " One of a Kind

Vintage Cotton Beacon blankets circa 1920 - 1950.

Ayita Jacket  - Womens

Vintage Beacon Blanket Image.jpg

Nova Jacket with Collar – Womens

Vest  Reversible - Womens

Vintage Vest Reversible.JPG

Vest  - Womens

Vintage Nova Jacket.JPG
Vintage Vest.JPG

Poncho’s - Womens

Wraps and Shawls - Womens


Vintage Poncho.JPG
Vintage Wrap.JPG
Vintage Coat.JPG

Vintage Photo Gallery

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