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Aponi means butterfly is a great description for this easy style vest, no frills to deal with, but the Native American pattern and colors is the focal point of this vest. We keep our designs simple, cut with a fit of flare, not tight fit and they are delightful to wear. While traveling doing shows in the West, North & South Eastern coastline where we get some really good chilling weather, women would tell me who sit in offices all day long are cold.  They want something lightweight to take to work to wear over their work clothes. Many of them travel for their career and they love having this in their suitcase because it is so light weight and does not take a lot of room to pack and easy to wear.

  • Fabric Content: 60 cotton / 30 Acrylic / 10 Poly
  • When you wear this vest, you will hardly feel you have it on, it’s light weight soft wearing, just like Butterflies are.
  • Styling it 3 options, open, crossover or belt it,  easy to wear and not complicated, she offers lots of room to layer it up anyway you want.
  • Wear over your favorite sweater or even layered over a jean jacket.
  • Cut to over your hip to cover your bottom
  • Detailed finish with our signature blanket stitching on the bottom.
  • Finished inside seams so you can reverse this to wear!
  • The way that these Beacon textiles are woven, we are very careful about how we finish the insides of our garments, you can’t see the seams, they are sewn flat fell seams and top stitched, so you can actually wear this vest reversible……… that’s a good thing if you spill coffee at your work desk!


Check out our cotton vintage Beacon textile we also make in this style, reversible styling is another signature of what we do. Our customer love this because they can wear the same vest in a week. And your co workers won’t notice but they might think you have a new vest on!  Beacon Blanket company is well known for the way they wove their textile and the colors are reversed makes them even more special to wear.


Care:  dry clean. Do not use iron.

Size: Small to Medium


Back Length: 27” / from top of back raised collar to bottom

Vest Open Flat Out: 46”

Armhole Drop from Shoulder to under armpit: 13”L

Armhole Bottom to Back Length: 10”

Shoulder to Shoulder Back: 16”w

The Aponi Women’s  Crossover Lapel Vest – Long Length (means Butterfly)




Back Length: 29” / from top of back raised collar to bottom

Vest Open Flat Out: 521/2”

Armhole Drop from Shoulder to under armpit: 14”L

Armhole Bottom to Back Length: 12”

Shoulder to Shoulder Back: 17”w
Fabric Content: 60 cotton / 30 Acrylic / 10 Poly

Care: dry clean. Do not use iron.


Adore Designs specalizes in jackets, coats, vests, wraps, ponchos, cowls and bathrobes. These styles fit perfectly in the minimalist lifestyle.  These designs are inspired by Southwestern and native american fashion.  Many styles have Aztec and Bohemium appeal.  Warm up with a cozy and luxurious woven fleece garment.  Excellent for corporate exectutive gifts, family gifts or holiday gifting.  Adore What You Wear!


Aponi Women’s Crossover Long Vest Woven Fleece Southwestern Inspired

PriceFrom $229.00
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