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The Little Dufflette Story……..


Hand made in Wilmington NC, by Adore Designs, this particular style and size was actually created by my mother 70 years ago. It's the one with the tiny denim triangles on it. My eldest sister sent me this bag and asked if I could re-create it in denim, as she wanted to give one to each of her granddaughters going off to college. Back in 1976, I actually started my very first business of designing and making canvas bags, and opened up a retail and mfg business in Mankato MN, my home town, in 1985 – 1990.  My mom helped me in my canvas shop, but she never mentioned that she had made a denim bag. When I received this little denim purse, then a memory bell went off and I recall seeing this denim bag in our laundry closet filled with plastic curlers. Once I made a pattern and made a few of them, I decided to put this Denim Dufflette bag in my brand and offer them. I am using real leather for the triangles and zipper tabs.

Finished Size: Outside Measurements @ bottom base of bag

Approx. 11” L X 6”H  X 4” D

Trimmed in Leather.

We have plans to make a larger size for Carry on - overnight bag and also thinking of making this in all leather.

We also offer this to the retail trade, for wholesale inquiries, please call us for pricing.

Little Denim Dufflette Purse

Color: Tan Leather Trim
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