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Adore What You Wear

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Join Me
For A
Live Event

Its Time For Us To Debut Our New Fall Fashions

And we are giving away a
Beacon Blanket
(72 x 86)
live on the event

The event will be December 5th at 4:00 PM

We will be showing all our latest 
Fall/Winter 2021 Fashions

You can join our event using the following Zoom Meeting link

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Amahady Wrap  Front -  Arrowhead

Every year we look forward to fall. 

It marks the start of sweater weather with cooler temperatures ahead. 

This is definitely our time of year. 

We will be debuting our 2021 Fall Fashions on a live event and giving away a Beacon Blanket.  

We cant wait to see you on
December 5th

At Adore Designs Bells are Ringing

Our Sewing Machines are loudly singing

We're Making Coats and Gifts and More

And now we offer Home Décor


Our Website, it is all brand New

Our Fall designs we will debut

If you want a Coat, Wrap or a Shawl

There's no sense driving to the Mall


Our Handmade Fashions cant be beat

Our Coats and gifts are such a treat. 

Attend the event so you can learn more

And find an Item you'll ADORE! 

Agaw Tomah.JPG

Adore Designs is a brand of distinctive, handmade wearable art fashions created from Beacon's iconic Southwestern blankets. We connect you with apparel that brings you joy, expresses your creativity, and gives you a story to tell. The Adore lifestyle is influenced by the stunning design artistry of the Native American Beacon Blanket. Each unique design is paired with the vivid colors and vibrant essence of Beacon's beloved textiles. The fabric of each unforgettable garment is woven into the historic tapestry of a great American brand and its storied past, giving it a second life, and merging the past with the present.

Artisan DeeAnn Carpenter established her custom clothing brand with the notion of transforming Native American designed vintage Beacon Blankets - circa 1920-1950 - into exclusive, museum-quality outerwear. With a distinctive cutting technique, DeeAnn expertly captures and preserves the color schemes, patterns, and pictorial designs from the blankets and turns them into exquisite garments that stand out from any other apparel on the market.

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